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Welcome to the Richness of Tradition, Joy, Love, Affection, Festivity, Celebration and happiness.
It has always been customary in India to Welcome guests and celebrate occasions with serving a food and distribution sweets.
eHalwai aapka halwai serving the Delicious Food on your all auspicious occasion of marriage, party and other events.
Whenever you got a big event to plan, whether it is party, wedding, Sagai food plays a major role everyone wanted the food and sweets to be delicious. we the eHalwai is there and we will make it happen from start to finish. We make our sweet and dishes only in pure Desi Ghee. We use only the finest ingredients without any compromise of the quality and use natural colors

In our services you can select your menu online and place your order through the email and we will provide you the Catering Services or Material List for your selected menu. We also prepare food of your taste at your door step with material provided by you. We also provide Bhaaji on order. We have best catering services and experienced staff to prepare food of your choice. We also supply the raw material of good quality on site required by Halwai on the day of event like Grocery, Dairy Products, Vegetables, Fruits, Dry Fruits, Disposable Crockery, Utensils etc.
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